Saturday, July 29, 2017

2 Kings 7 sermon, slide 14 of 15


1. God acts through the most unlikely people – the lepers were broken and ostracized.  They were the least of the people of the city.  They had no hope of survival.  God nonetheless powerfully used them. This tells us that God values all his people.  God appreciates everyone’s contribution.  There are other examples of God using unlikely people – for instance, in the story of David and Goliath, David attends the battle field unprepared to fight.  He is offered armor but instead walks out in his ordinary clothes.

2. Faith requires us to act.  We cannot have faith in God and just bottle it up.  Instead, faith calls us to action. This is why our pastors are so eager for us to share the news of the Gospel, this is why it is always joyous to see you bring friends to church services or events.

3.  We should value community.  God gave us community as a gift that we may benefit from the skills of others.  The health of our community is linked to our health.

4. When we recognise God’s mercy – we should want to share the mercy.  God provided for the people of Samaria.  God’s providence is for all his people. 

5.God answers the needs of his people in amazing ways.  We should be people of hope, even in the most dire of situations.  When people needed God the most – after they had rejected his prophets and when they were suppressed by Roman conquerors - he sent his Son, the Lord Jesus.  We should keep our senses open for all of God’s answers and be prepared to receive the answers with gratitude.

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